Alumni Fund

Alumni Fund

The alumni fund run by St Cuthbert’s is designed to allow our former students and staff the opportunity to contribute to the school’s upkeep, and to ensure that present-day pupils are given the best resources possible to help them make a success of their lives.

Amongst other things, the alumni fund helps us to maintain the school’s buildings and grounds, enables us to purchase new text books, stationery and teaching supplies, and allows us to organise fun educational activities for our students.

This section of the alumni site will detail the priority projects we are seeking to raise funds for, and past projects which the fund has already helped us to work on, so that all alumni donors know exactly where their money is going.

In the academic year 2018/19, we’re looking to use the alumni fund to help us accomplish the goals that fall into the 4 main areas of priority listed below.

Fundraising Priorities

How to contribute to the alumni fund