Sadie Dearden

What job/study are you doing right now and tell us a little about it?

I am currently working at Pets at Home as a fully qualified dog grooming stylist! It's different and I get to meet a lot of different dogs, each with their own personality, and style them so they look perfect again! Their owners reactions when they pick their pets up can make you feel amazing!

Did you do any further/higher education?

After leaving St. Cuthbert's, I went on to study Level 3 Animal Management and then later took a dog grooming course.

How did you decide on your career path and what is/was most interesting about your work?

When we got told at St. Cuthbert's we would be doing work experience, it was both exciting and scary. I chose a grooming salon as my placement and my love of grooming stemmed from there. I never really saw it as a job opportunity and if it wasn't for the work placement at St. Cuthbert's i don't think I would be in my dream job today! I interact with dogs (sometimes other animals too like cats, rabbits, guinea pigs and more!) on a daily basis and some of the regulars I get to know as if they're my own! It's amazing to see the wagging tails and happy faces everyday and see the transformation from furry monster to a brand new, sparkling dog in only a couple of hours! Our customers are great too and, like I said before, there's nothing better than watching reactions from them as their pampered pooch runs up to them! I couldn't see myself in a better career, thanks St. Cuthbert's!!

Can you share a couple of fond memories of your time at St Cuthbert's?

The Alton Towers trips were 100% some of the most amazing memories at St. Cuthbert's! The buzz in atmosphere in the morning as people were waiting for the coaches to arrive is something I will never forget. Drama, music and art were by far my favourite subjects and every moment spent in these lessons were definitely memorable as well!

Did you have a favourite/influential teacher? What made them so important to you?

Mr McAuley was definitely one of my favourite teachers. His lessons were fun but taught us a lot and he knew how to make us all laugh! My most influential teacher, though, would have to be Mrs. Gifford. She taught me that through music, I could be confident and that when performing, the crowd in front of me didn't matter so long as I was singing or playing clarinet!

What advice would you give our current students?

Definitely, DEFINITELY don't give up too soon! It's so easy to think that there's too many subjects to study to get good grades on and so little time to do anything else. Remember to MAKE time for yourself as well as study hard! Pursue your dreams, they will come true given the chance! And ALWAYS have fun!

Sadie Dearden

Name: Sadie Dearden